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“The Woke Church is called to three levels of involvement and action: intervening justice, preventative justice, and systemic justice. May God help us to engage at each level of justice, proclaiming His truth to the darkness and righteously acting on His command to seek the welfare of the city.” - Dr. Eric Mason, Woke Church

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Policing: A Biblical-Theological Framework

Woke Church in Action is committed to addressing policing in our community. How does the Bible guide us in understanding policing and justice? We've developed three articles to provide you with a biblical-theological framework for use of force, police accountability, and police-community relationship. Click the links below to read each article.

Use of

What does the Bible teach us about use of force?


How does the Bible teach us to think about police accountability?


How does the Bible guide police-community relationship?

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Do you want to learn more about how to biblically view and engage the issue of justice in our culture? Check out Dr. Mason’s series “Cancel Culture.”
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