Group Leader


Program Description

EpiphAcademy is an after-school program that educates children and equips them with the tools they need to flourish holistically.

Position Description

The EpiphAcademy Group Leader role is designed for people who want to have a major impact on the lives of children by equipping them with spiritual, mental, and practical tools they need to flourish holistically. We are looking for an enthusiastic and engaging mentor who is a believer in Jesus Christ and will relish the opportunity to be invested in while also investing in our community’s youth. We are seeking candidates who have a passion to contribute to the development of well-rounded and spiritually mature youth, thereby uplifting the community as the children excel.  We are seeking candidates who long to bring their full selves to the program by incorporating music, dance, art, literature, various elements of our culture and other passions into the curriculum.

The Group Leader will begin each day by implementing the prayer/devotional sessions from the EpiphAcademy curriculum. The Group Leader will lead the tutoring and educational enrichment sessions of the program, assist students with their homework assignments striving to ensure that all of it is complete before the end of the day.  Following homework time and educational enrichment, the Group Leader will lead recreational activities as designed by the Program Directors with careful consideration of feedback from Group Leaders. This isn’t your typical Group Leader experience. If you long to be part of a program where you have say in the vision and direction, if you long to see some of your passions implemented in a program, if you long for a great environment to sharpen your skills as you experience our professional development resources, if you long to change the lives of children, and have a meaningful impact on the urban community, then apply today for this great opportunity.

This is a part-time, paid position.

Duties include, but are not limited to

  • Tutor and provide homework assistance and ensure that homework is complete
  • Lead educational enrichment sessions designed by the program director
  • Assist with enrollment and registration responsibilities
  • Walking escort from school to the program
  • Supervise children in designated group
  • Track attendance for students in designated group
  • Conduct prayer/devotional sessions under the direction of the Program Director
  • Consistently provide feedback on the program curriculum and recreational activities
  • Assist in any other way requested by the Program Director or Assistant Program Director

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum must at least be in 12th grade working towards graduation and high school diploma
  • Experience with child development and classroom management and/or tutoring experience
  • Able and willing to build relationships with students and their families 


$15.00 per hour