Life Groups

Life Groups are small communities of faith where the gospel is lived out intentionally. They are places where members meet weekly for study, worship and prayer, and interact daily in caring, sharing, service and recreation. Life Groups are where the body of Christ becomes manifest as a living and life-giving organism in neighborhoods all over greater Philadelphia.

Primary Goals for Life Groups:

  1. Become a place where every member can grow in Christ through a healthy community, and;
  2. Be a place where people who do not yet know Jesus can be introduced to him through the witness of the community through word and deed.

These goals are accomplished by insuring that the groups are gospel-centered, community-building, and missionally engaged. The plain implication of this is that every member will be stretched to live out the Gospel intentionally as they are nurtured and challenged in a community of growing disciples.


Leader: Christina Johnson
Tuesday, 10AM-12PM


Leader: Sean Plaskett
Tuesday, 7-9PM

Diamond Street

Leader: Dontae Benn
Tuesday, 7-9PM


Leader: Alicia Montague-Keels
Wednesday, 7-9PM


Leader: Nick Wilson
Wednesday, 7-9PM

New Jersey

Leader: Mac Lawhorn
Tuesday, 7-9PM


Leader: Markeith & Ayanna Patterson
Wednesday, 7-9PM

North Philly/Brewerytown

Leader: Domenic Derenge
Wednesday, 7-9PM

Northeast Philly

Leader: Gueshill Wharwood
Wednesday, 7-9PM


Leader: Charlotte Marshall
Wednesday, 7-9PM

South Philly

Leader: Tiffany King
Wednesday, 7-9PM

University City

Leader: Dara Winley
Wednesday, 7-9PM

West Oak Lane/Mt. Airy

Leader: Nyron Burke
Wednesday, 7-9PM

West Philly/Delco

Leader: Khristian Mayfield
Wednesday, 7-9PM


Leader: Corliss Davis
Wednesday, 7-9PM

For information on each life group, click the pins on the map. For specific details regarding the meeting location, please email the group leader directly.