Epiphany Fellowship is a church in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. We are a
local church learning what it means to follow Jesus in a complex city core. We see ourselves
in a growing relationship with Jesus and one another, igniting us to be agents of change in
our city. Similar to the early disciples, we are made up of an array of global ethnicities,
young families, singles, professionals, Philadelphia natives, college students, artists, and
seasoned saints, which makes us quite the motley crew to serve Jesus.


©hrist-centeredness (Col 1:16)

…all things were created through Him and for Him.
– We are convicted that Jesus must be the center of everything in our lives.
– We are convicted that His life, death, burial, and resurrection would form and inform every sector of who we are (Rom 8:29)

©ommitment (Act 2:42)

– We are convicted that the truth of the bible shapes what we believe and how we live for Jesus Christ
– We are convicted that the local church is God’s means to help shape and encourage our lives for Jesus Christ
– We commit ourselves to being vitally connected to God’s people in the local church as a mutual discipleship community

©ommunity (Acts 2:44)

- Epiphany Fellowship will seek to build a healthy environment in which believers may fellowship with other believers with Christ at the center (1John 1).
- Epiphany Fellowship will seek to be a ministry that lives out the “one another's” of Scripture. We desire that all members of Epiphany Fellowship never go through life with unmet needs.

©onversions (Acts 2:47)

– We proclaim the gospel
– We follow up new converts
– Disciple them from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity

©ulturally Relevant Ministry (1Chron 12:32)

– We are convicted to equip and dispatch God’s people to promote the gospel locally, nationally, internationally (1Cor 9)